2016 Ford Get Away Fuse Directions.2016 Ford Avoid Fuse Drawing Power Supply Kind Of Junction Container.

2016 Ford Get Away Fuse Directions.2016 Ford Avoid Fuse Drawing Power Supply Kind Of Junction Container.

2016 Ford Get Out Fuse Drawing Battery Connection Field

F1 – Certainly not put F2 – Not just utilized F3 – Certainly not employed F4 – Not just employed F5 – Certainly not used F6 – Certainly not made use of F7 40 Anti-lock braking system program (abdominal muscles) component+ F8 30 Anti-lock Brake program (abdominals) module F9 – Definitely not utilized F10 40 Blower electric motor relay F11 – Not employed F12 30 PCM power relay F13 30 beginner relay F14 25 drivers door screen controls turn F15 20 Auxiliary energy place F16 25 drivers doorstep screen control turn, Passenger entrance screen control turn F17 20 back traveler electric power retailer socket F18 20 electrical place, unit F19 5 Anti-lock Brake method (abdominal muscles) section F20 15 Horn exchange F21 5 Brake Pedal Position (BPP) shift F22 15 electric battery spying detector F23 5 accessories delay relay, key exchange, Blower motor relay, Horn relay, A/C clutch exchange, side screen defrost relay F24 5 Headlamp turn F25 10 motorist house gap regulation switch F26 5 PCM run relay, Powertrain Management component (PCM), EVAP canister port valve (2.5L) F27 15 A/C clutch exchange F28 10 Powertrain Management section (PCM), Fuel pump exchange, Fuel push Management component, gas injectors F29 20 back screen defrost relay F30 – maybe not put F31 5 Certainly not used F32 15 Powertrain Control section (PCM) F33 10 2.5L Evaporative Emission cylinder purge device tailpipe Gas Recirculation (EGR) machine regulator solenoid Manifold overall pressure level and heat (MAPT) sensor changeable Camshaft time (VCT) oils regulation solenoid heating air receptors (HO2S) 1.6L/2.0L Evaporative Emission container purge valve EVAP container vent device changeable Camshaft moment (VCT) solenoid 11 Heated air receptors (HO2S) varying Camshaft Timing (VCT) solenoid 12 F34 10 All climate regulation valves 1.6L/2.0L Outwardly manageable adjustable Displacement Compressor (EVDC) Turbocharger avoid Valve (TCBY) Wastegate regulation solenoid, Four-Wheel disk drive (4WD) controls module 1.6L Coolant bypass device, motor chilled device F35 15 key coil-on-plugs, sound suppression capacitor F36 5 energetic grille shutter F37 5 Occupant Classification System component (OCSM) F38 5 Powertrain Control Module (PCM), indication regulation change (TCS) F39 5 Headlamp system, RH, Headlamp system, LH Headlamp controls Module (HCM) F40 5 electrical power direction Management Module (PSCM) F41 20 human anatomy regulation Module (BCM) – F85, F86 F42 15 Rear panel wiper motor F43 15 Headlamp regulation component (HCM) F44 15 haze light exchange, haze lamp, ideal forward, daze light, lead top – for Ontario simply F45 10 maybe not made use of F46 40 car windows wiper electric motor, reliable windshield wiper motor F47 – Not put F48 5 Keyless entrance keyboard

2016 Ford Dodge Fuse Drawing Looks Regulation Module

F56 20A Fuel push relay. Energy Pump Control Component (FPCM). Battery pack kind of junction package (BJB) – F28 F57 – Not just put F58 – Certainly not made use of F59 5A Passive anti-theft transceiver F60 10A bags storage space light. Politeness lighting fixtures, great and kept footwells, learn gap control turn, Vanity mirror lamp, suitable and remaining. Manor/map lights assemblies, Overhead console turn set up. Attic lamp, backside Glove package light F61 20A Certainly not used F62 5A Auto-dimming insides mirror. Rainwater sensor section F63 – Not made use of F64 – Not put F65 10A Lifigate latch. Liftgate/decklid release relay F66 20A Driver door unlock relay. Entrance latch, placed from F67 7.5A top Control/Display program section (FCDIM). Global Positioning System Section (GPSM). Accessory Protocol user interface component (APIM) F68 15A excess relay F69 5A means section bunch (IPC) F70 20A traveler doorway unlock exchange, All lock relay home latch, correct front side, entrance latch, suitable backside, home latch, put side, doorway latch, correct forward, home latch, kept from, doorstep latch, proper side, Door latch, remaining rear end F71 10A HVAC section, EMTC and DATC F72 7.5A Steering direction Sensor section Dating In Your 30s apps (SASM) F73 5A reports hyperlink Connector (DLC) F74 15A premium ray relay, Headlamp set-up, lamp and placed F75 15A daze lamp relay, haze light, suitable forward, Fog lamp, brought front F76 10A Reversing light relay, Auto-dimming interior lesser, Reversing lamp, ideal and put F77 20A Front washer exchange, ass washer relay, windscreen washer pump motor F78 5A key change – without IA, Start/stop change – with IA F79 15A acoustics regulation Module (ACM), front side handles software Module (FCIM) F80 20A roofing system motion board component F81 5A Remote options phone (RFR) section F82 20A prominent washer exchange. Rear washer exchange F83 20A Passenger doorway unlock exchange, All looks relay F84 20A drivers house discover relay. Reserve relay F85 7.5A Seal heater buttons, traveler and motorist seats, In-vehicle temperature/humidity detector, Electronic booster hot-water heater, Heated chair segments F86 10A limitations Control section (RCM) F87 – Definitely not utilized F88 – Not made use of F89 – Definitely not utilized

2016 Ford Release Fuse Diagram Back Connection Field

F1 5 hands-free liftgate actuation component F2 10 remote control work Actuator (RFA) component F3 5 outdoor house manage, remaining rear, external home manage, proper back, outside door handle, remaining front side, outside home manage, correct front side F4 25 drivers doorstep Module (DDM) F5 25 traveler home section (PDM) F6 25 doorway component, placed back F7 25 house module, correct ass F8 25 Seat regulation switch, traveler half top F9 25 motorist chair Module (DSM), chair controls change, drivers side front side F10 5 motorist chair Module (DSM) F11 5 item exchange F12 – Not just made use of F13 – Not just made use of F14 – perhaps not used F15 – Not just utilized F16 – maybe not put F17 – Definitely not employed F18 – perhaps not employed F19 – Not put F20 – Certainly not made use of F21 – Not just made use of F22 – Not utilized F23 25 music internet alert operating (DSP) module F24 30 Direct Current/Alternating latest (DC/AC) Inverter F25 25 Rear door trunk area section (RGTM) F26 40 Trailer tow component F27 20 Luggage storage space energy shop plug F28 – Definitely not made use of F29 5 picture control Module-B (IPMB), part challenge diagnosis Control components (SOD-L) (SOD-R), back parking help digicam F30 5 car Aid Module F31 – Definitely not put F32 5 strong Current/Alternating Current (DC/AC) Inverter F33 – Definitely not made use of F34 20 heating chair section, motorist area front F35 20 hot chair section, passenger side front side F36 – perhaps not employed F37 5 Roof starting decorate module F38 – Not just used F39 – perhaps not made use of F40 – perhaps not used F41 – Certainly not made use of F42 – maybe not utilized F43 – perhaps not employed F44 – Not just employed F45 – Not just made use of F46 – maybe not employed

2016 Ford Release Fuse Drawing Tall Present Fuse Container

SUPER 1 80 electricity direction regulation section (PSCM) MEGA 2 150 Staler electric motor, generators SUPER 3 100 battery pack joint container (BJB) MEGA 4 50 muscles Control Module (BCM) SUPER 5 80 Electrical Booster heating MEGA 6 70 backside conjunction Box (RJB) SUPER 7 60 addition relay SUPER 8 50 Engine cool follower relay SUPER 9 50 Entire Body Management section (BCM) SUPER 10 – Not used

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